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We offer Marine Protection and Indemnity Insurance Compulsory Scheme (Below 300 GT) in strict compliance to Act A1393 also known as Merchant Shipping (Amendment and Extension Act 2011). The scheme is specific for ships below 300 GT.

The policy covers five basic coverage crew liability, wreck removal, oil pollution, collision with fixed and floating objects with exception of collision with ships and passenger liability subjected to terms and conditions.

Yes, you can. You can visit our e Marine system and download the guide for our system. However, if you do encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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As a shipowner, you are susceptible to third party risk and bearing such financial burden in cases of incidence. P&I insurance protect your interest as a shipowner from third party liability.

You may contact us at or 03-27426269. Our team will be happy to assist you with your needs and enquiries.

You may proceed for payment through cheque, online transfer, bank in or any preferred method provided that proof of payment is submitted to us.

Primarily, if an incident occurred, it is important to inform our team soonest possible. Kindly download and fill our claims form. Submit the claims form together with details of the incident. Our claims team will guide you through the subsequent process.

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