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Our Pride

Our Vision is to be the global reference point for quality in our markets provides a strategic focus and drives our operational performance.

Our Values to ensure we deliver continuity for our stakeholders.

Team Experience

Our company is founded on sound and strong human capital foundation with wide expertise of marine insurance. Skilled in the areas of marine risks, the team members are also up-to-date with the latest marine development within Malaysia and South East Asia region.


Our bespoke product is versatile and it can be tailored to meet with Clients' needs. Our underwriting flexibility when accepting a risk renders second-to-none P&I serves to shipowner.


We also subsidize part of the cost to ensure our product is affordable and unrivaled.

Friendly Service and Easy Access

We have commitment to a close working relationship with Clients. Hence, we are friendly, approachable and easily accessible.


We are a product of a government initiative and we are fully endorsed by the Ministry of Transport Malaysia. Our assurance is fuller enhanced by A-rated Reinsurance Security markets.

Slim Hierarchy

With little to no bureaucracy, our decision-making is fast. Hence, our response to our Clients area also speed up.


The world today is rapidly changing, the importance of innovation in navigating changes and understanding the role of insurance in underpinning not only risk-management but also risk-taking. Therefore, it  is essential for the innovation we need as the world changes today.