Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I)

What is Marine Protection and Indemnity Insurance?

Protection and indemnity (P&I) liability insurance is specifically designed to address the unique needs of the marine industry. It covers third-party risks for Crew and Passenger, Wreck removal, Third party property damage (Fixed and Floating Objects), and Pollution Liability.

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Key coverage

Crew & Passenger Liability
  • Personal injury, loss of life claims in respect of crew members and third parties on board for the operation of the ship besides hospital, medical, funeral and repatriation expenses. This also extends to cover abandonment of seafarers.
Third-Party Property Damage (Fixed and Floating Objects)
  • This covers liabilities arising from damage to fixed and floating objects excluding collision of ship.
Wreck Removal Liability
  • Liability and costs of compulsorily removing, destroying or marking the wreck. Liability arising out of the ship causing an obstruction.
Pollution Liability
  • Oil spills from, or caused by, an entered ship resulting in pollution of sea, land or air.

Core Values

This protection and indemnity policy is intended for ships under 300 GT to comply with the insurance requirements set by the Merchant Shipping Ordinance (Amendment and Extension) Act 2011.

  • Fair underwriting for all members
  • First-class services
  • Value-added benefit from expert advice
  • Proactive loss prevention and handling services
  • Financial stability with strong reserves
  • Continued support for new and existing members
  • Committed to building a strong relationship with clients
  • Approachable and easily accessible
  • Energeticand strong work ethics
  • 100% backed by the Malaysian Government
  • Innovative strategies and tailored solutions
  • Unrivaled service in all areas